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PBN Testimonials

Hear what a few of our Attendees have said about our Meetings . . .

PBN has been a great resource of encouragement and referrals. Because of this group I have made the connections needed to expand my database pre-launch!

Andrew Hall

PBN has allowed me to have a platform to share my company information.

Celia Ahn
Caring Transitions, Carrollton

PBN is a fun group! The members care, they want you to really grow as a business owner!

I recommend PBN for business owners that want to take their profession to the next level with meaningful connections.

Lori Beard
Life Coach @ Steadfast Forward

My name is Yolanda Turner. This is my first time. I really had a very nice time, very awesome and informative.

Yolanda Turner
The Crown of Glory Salon

It was my first time at the networking event. I love the vibe of the group and I will be back. I'm already seeing a benefit from the group and I can't wait to see what the future holds.

Vic Dean
Hawk Security

As a long-time attendee, I can say the best thing about this wonderful group of people is the business and personal relationships/friendships I have made.

Rachelle Powell

PBN has generated more leads and introduced me to some other business owners that I have hired to help grow my business that I trust and depend on. Basically, huge support for the growth of my business!

Devin Hahdi
Accountable Roofing & Restoration

PBN has not only provided a ton of referral business, it has allowed me to make lasting connections with like-minded entrepreneurs. Every single person in the group has something to offer. This is an incredible group of people.

Clint Walker
Walker Mortgage Group

I'm so fortunate and grateful that I've found this group and blessed that I've found this group of people.

Vic Dean
Hawk Security

Made me feel welcome! Great vision, Sandy. You will continue to make people's dreams come true.

Al Herrera
Al Herrera Coaching and Consulting

PBN has helped our business grow and prosper over the last 10 years. I can not say enough about the group. The positive relationships you build here are great and will help grow your business. So if you are looking for a great group, great people, and great friends, get here already — Wednesdays at noon.

TLC Auto Shop

PBN has helped me to meet other members who have services that helped make my life easier or fix a problem. Thank you to Rachel at Rainbow, Katie at Juice +, Melissa at Norwex, Bill at Mayreth, Alan at Legal Shield, Julie at Vitamin (Fish Oil), and especially Sandy for an amazing group. Thank you, Sandy!

Pamela Moore
Mary Kay Cosmetics

As a 1099 for the last year and working on my own, I had felt disconnected. I went to PBN in Flower Mound and immediately found a home. It's a friendly, non-clique group of individuals that go out of the way to make you feel welcome. Average group is 60 weekly. You get fed a great meal, too! It's like going to lunch with a large family!

Janie Velde

Very energetic group. I love how we end on thanking each other for business we did/got from each other the last week.

Paul Kaskel

Completely built my business networking with PBN. Invaluable relationships. I don't miss it!

Turning My Bills into Ca$h

This group has been extremely beneficial in not only growing my business, but in teaching me how to network effectively. Icing on the cake — they are like family, with hearts as big as Texas!

Brandy Ash
Spot On

I was at your PBN marketing group a couple of weeks ago, and I just want to thank you for the warm and supportive group of people you have brought together. I've gone to other groups in the area who have given off a completely different vibe. In the meantime, keep doing what you're doing, because over the last 16+ years you have created something truly unique and special!

Heidi McBain, MA, LMFT, LPC, RPT
Texas Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

I love coming to this group. Each time I come, I meet someone new. The people are great, energy is amazing and food is awesome!

Celia Ahn
CT Carrollton

The three things that I take away from PBN are Educate, Communicate and Appreciate.

EDUCATE - I always take pride in educating my client with their health coverage options. Three times a month, PBN educates members who are interested in building their business; Mastermind, POD and now, Plug and Play.

COMMUNICATE - It is valuable in any industry to keep your client informed. Through PBN, I am learning other ways of communicating with clients or potential clients in methods of Public Speaking, creating Network Mixers and Social Media.

APPRECIATE - Sometimes, we don't appreciate the value of networking. PBN is not just entrepreneurs, marketers or business owners gathering once a week. It's Family ... a family that gathers once a week to help each other grow their business. A family that meets on game night to act silly and have fun in order to take a break from life. A family that I'm so proud and honored to be a part of ... that's PBN.

Larry Blackmon
Licensed Agent | USHEALTH Advisors

My Professional Business Networking (PBN) sponsorship for last month was a tremendous added exposure to an already consistent "relation builder" with my regular participation with my PBN membership. As in life, the more you put your energies into that subject, the more it grows. The basic unit of making business grow is about trust. People will trust you enough to refer to you only if they first know you, then like you and eventually with time, people will really know your true colors, then trust you. I love my PBN family! There is no better business building relationship network in the DFW metroplex! In addition to the monthly sponsorships, I also advertise on every marketing piece Sandy does. There is no telling when someone needs your product or service. By consistently performing relationship marketing, people will remember you first!

Dr. Rey Adorable
Advanced Wellness and Rehab Center

I commend Professional Business Networking (PBN) on the most exceptional networking luncheon I've ever attended, and the most moving speaker, as well!  Clearly, your time, energy, and efforts have resulted in a group of professionals dedicated to supporting you and one another.  It would be an honor to be accepted as a member.  I have already invited my dearest friend, who conveniently lives nearby and is extremely well connected, to attend the next meeting.
Highest regards,

Billie Feuerbacher
Regional Account Manager
The Company Corporation

Jeff Brady said he always love speaking at Professional Business Networking (PBN)!

You are a great leader & inspiration and I pray abundant blessings over you, your family, your business, and Professional Business Networking (PBN)!

Brady Media Group
When the Content Counts

It was truly a pleasure meeting all of you today at Professional Business Networking (PBN). I've been to a few groups over the last couple of days and must say that this was the friendliest and most joyful group. I met a few people i hope to send some business to. I'll try and make it to next week's meeting if time permits.

If i could ever be of service, i would love to discuss our services and what separates us from all the rest. As always any and all leads/introductions are greatly appreciated.

Dan Barrios
Renaissance Janitorial Services, Inc.

Professional Business Networking (PBN)
has a very Strong program and it is plain to see that there is a lot of trust and true dedication to each other in this group. It would appear that this is a group that really cares for one another with high integrity and strong relationships. Something that has taken years to build and is not always found with a social networking groups of this size, Ya'll have it.

Thank you, I really enjoyed your hospitality, it was a joy to meet everyone with a big smile and a warm hand shake. You made me feel very welcomed.

Stephen Moore
U First Videos

Professional Business Networking (PBN)
has opened doors for me personally and for my business. The friendships, support, and introductions created within this fantastic group has not only grown my business but created radio and TV exposure as well!

Networking with Professional Business Networking (PBN) works! Introductions to local business professionals and PR experts such as Jeff Crilley afforded me the opportunity of 'Free Publicity' with a FOX 4 news report filmed in my kitchens during a class which turned into a live interview with Paige McCoy Smith on WFAA: Good Morning Texas! This is one weekly event not to miss or you will miss out!!

Chef Luney Tunes
Young Chefs Academy

I just want to tell you how much I look forward to wednesday lunchtime and the Professional Business Networking (PBN) meeting. Since I started attending Sandy's meetings about 2 1/2 years ago - it truly changed my life. I had just started a new business and from my first meeting everyone was so welcoming. I started doing business from week one, and from my contacts at the meetings I estimate that over 45% of my annual business is as a result of my Professional Business Networking (PBN) contacts.

Thank you Sandy!

Ian Harkness
Harkness Papers

Professional Business Networking (PBN)
has been instrumental in opening of the new market here in the Metro-Plex resulting in this market becoming the number 1 in the nation for the first half of 2007. More importantly it's a GREAT, FUN, and business aggressive TEAM of people that I consider friends.

Brian A. Mulvehill
Carpet Direct

Professional Business Networking (PBN)
is one of the BEST NETWORKING GROUPS that I have been a part of. I do a lot of networking, so it makes a difference, when you find a group as effective as Professional Business Networking (PBN)!

Patrick Dougher

Professional Business Networking (PBN)
has given me great business and helping me inform more people what we do and how we can help them. Also great friendships with wonderful people who can change my life. It really becomes a family group! Thanks for everything Professional Business Networking (PBN)!!!

Darla Clough
Foot Solutions

Professional Business Networking (PBN)
is absolutely Best Network Group out there! This is where I started Networking in 2004 and their guidance and support is the biggest reason why I’ve gone as far as I have. I’ve made friends there that will go out of their way to help you. The meeting is one of the best events of my week – it is fun, exciting, but still business-like. I highly recommend that this is a weekly meeting you shouldn’t miss.

Thomas Artificavitch

I have been to several different networking groups. PBN welcomes me from my first visit. The energy of the group is great in helping each other succeed.

Melanie McClendon
Bee Gift Emporium

Don’t come to Professional Business Networking (PBN) if you don’t want to exponentially grow your business. It single handedly grew our business almost literally overnight. I have been to other networking groups, most were a waste of time compared to the results we experienced at Professional Business Networking. PBN works!

Dr. Ron H. Carpenter
Carpenter Family Chiropractic