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About Professional Business Networking

Professional Business Networking Group is focused on getting the right people together to be an active Business-to-Business Networking group.Networking is an invaluable technique that anyone can use consistently for building contacts with people to share anything that is mutually beneficial.

Professional Business Networking (PBN) is focused on getting the right people together to be an active Business-to-Business Networking group:

PBN's Vision

  • Increasing business
  • Increasing knowledge of other member's businesses
  • Improving networking skills

PBN's Purpose

  • Bring guests
  • Bring leads
  • Meet one-on-one
  • Broaden horizons
  • Make introductions
  • Report back

PBN's Guiding Principles

  • Each prospective member must submit the rules of seven. The Leadership Team will review prospective members and give approval.
    How to Become a Member.

  • There is no competition among members. Each group member represents a unique business niche.

  • Each member represents the best in class. The caliber and quality of their work and networking should speak for itself, since professionalism is the key to giving quality referrals and obtaining new members and guests.

  • All members will actively participate in the group. This includes attending meetings, inviting guests, meeting one-on-one with members, and making referrals. The emphasis is placed on each member pro-actively adding value to the group. If members are not pro-active, they will be asked to evaluate their usefulness to the group in their business and possibly leave the group.

  • All members will act with integrity regarding network business and referrals. Each member will: follow through on all referrals to both the prospect and lead provider, make a business-like presentation to the prospect, and treat the referral with respect. Members will share their experiences of how they treat referrals with new members.
Every Wednesday
11:30 to 1:00 PM
(1:30 when there's
  Special Speakers)
$15.00/Lunch included
2200 Morriss Rd., Suite 300
Flower Mound, TX 75028
(click address for map)