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  Wednesday, July 8 - Gary De Rodrequize



The Law of the Lid is a foundational law of leadership, which simply translates to; your level of success is in direct proportion to your leadership development.   The acquisitional worth of any company is 60% their leadership development. Leadership is perhaps the most important skill to invest in and develop in a upwardly mobile individual, team or company.

Authentic leadership is a branch of leadership development that holds true if an individual can master their ego enough to remain transparent, honest and value driven they endear their legacy for generations to come.  Authentic leadership once learnt, sets you apart from the pack, gains respect from your peers and creates loyalty in the ranks you lead. It is the system of breaking through the limitations of what has stopped you in the past, creating leadership strategies out of the KNOWLEDGE of what makes people tick and creating the legacy of effectiveness, congruency and consistency.

This is not a theory-based leadership presentation but a cutting edge, deep dive into the neuro science of what makes people tick.  We will begin to open up the owner’s manual to how emotions drive behavior and explore how you can develop consistent and congruent actions that build trust and loyalty amongst your team members and clients. What this presentation can do for you:
We will delve into how to manage perceptions and lead with power, authenticity and effectiveness. You will increase your leader capacity and effectiveness by developing yourself awareness and emotional intelligence.  

You will increase your people intelligence and communication skills to become more effective and deepen your understanding of the personalities you work with on a daily basis. Your personal power will grow stronger as you learn the foundation for problem solving and innovation.
Three Reasons to Attend this Presentation

1. Become introduced to the cutting edge leadership skills that very few people are ever exposed to and rarely learn. This presentation is the paradigm shifting information to further develop your leadership evolution. You will learn tools that can forever change how you manage, see your life and perform in the leadership role you are in.

2. Learn the innovation competencies of Thomas Edison and how to harness the other 90% of your mind. Learn how to retain your energy to increase your effectiveness through progressive thinking strategies that distill complex problems into solutions.

3. The most important fundamental skill necessary for effective leadership is self leadership. Self leadership is based upon the foundation of self awareness. Become introduced to information can help you gain huge confidence, conquer fear, manage difficult people with ease and build your legacy based upon your values and people intelligence.

What you will learn during the Leadership Training:
1. How Leadership is an Inner Journey
2. How to harness perception and practice mental and emotional management skills.
3. How to develop perspective and flexibility in your relationships.
4. How to harness the power of your mind to create success.
5. How to maintain consistent emotional states in any circumstance.
6. Learn how to sustain relationships and build alliances that last.
7. Let go of past resentments so you can stop the emotional energy drains.


Business-to-Business Networking is about the success, confidence, and accomplishments achieved by working together and connecting people for mutually beneficial results. BTB Networking is committed to advancing day-to-day business efficiency and productivity, attaining goals, and realizing a balanced life. BTB Networking gives you the power to fulfill your professional and personal dreams.